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Little Inspirations Toddler
Melissa Torres
Little Inspirations (location map)
Monday, 4:30 PM - 5:00 PM
Start Date: 9/11/2016
Duration: 52 weeks
End Date: 9/11/2017


This classes are targeted to children ages 2-4.  The toddler/preschool level classes are aimed at smaller groups of students and combine elements of both the toddler and preschool level classes.  Children are engaged based on their individual level of comfort and ability.  Like the toddler classes, parents are present and actively participate in class.  Great for siblings or other children who want to enjoy Lango classes with a friend! 

Upcoming Meetings
07/23/18    4:30 PM Monday 07/23/18 4:30 PM
07/30/18    4:30 PM Monday 07/30/18 4:30 PM
08/06/18    4:30 PM Monday 08/06/18 4:30 PM
08/13/18    4:30 PM Monday 08/13/18 4:30 PM
08/20/18    4:30 PM Monday 08/20/18 4:30 PM