For Teachers


For Teachers:

Are you a native speaker and would like to develop or deepen your language teaching skills? Does your school have native speaking teachers on staff but no one certified to teach foreign languages? Lango Chicago will help you make the most of your skills and assets!

Lango Chicago offers training, support and formative observations for language teachers. We guide teachers through a training intensive where they will learn to take content beyond vocabulary recognition to to start building true communication skills. Teachers who train with us will learn how to set and assess communicative targets in each class. We provide teachers with the tools and templates they need to scope and sequence their classes and track their student’s progress from year to year. Our teacher training staff has in depth knowledge of assessment creation and implementation. We help teachers determine the unique needs of each school, classroom and student.

We hold regular professional developments where teachers can connect with our network of educators to share ideas.

Professional developments include:

  • Movement in the language classroom
  • Drama and storytelling
  • Input Processing Assessments
  • Age Differentiation
  • Blended Classrooms: Heritage and Second Language Learners
  • Inductive Grammar: How to avoid metalinguistic information
  • Full immersion: strategies and tactics for meaningful communication while staying “In language.”


We can also customize PDs and workshops to meet the needs of your staff and school.

From community blogs to hands-on workshops, we strive to ensure that all Lango trained teachers have a fully stocked teaching tool belt.