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Why Lango?

Diverse Class Options

Lango offers full immersion foreign language classes for students preschool through elementary. We also offer integrative arts and theater classes which can be coupled with your school’s current curriculum. For those students exposed to Spanish at home we now also offer our Lango Heritage classes. All of our curriculum options can be used to add depth to your school’s current curriculum or as a stand alone enrichment. We can customize classes to your school’s needs, offering an affordable and engaging option that sets students up for success in second language acquisition.


Lango offers students a sustainable experience with foreign language. Students often lose focus and suffer language atrophy when schools have changes in educators or administrators. Lango works with teachers (Lango's or your own) to design and document a curriculum, including specific activities and both informal and formal assessments that can be used for years to come. This foundation will allow incoming teachers to understand and build upon what students already know. At Lango we ensure students’ language classes help them develop the skills they need to communicate. Lessons will increase in difficulty over time, leaving students confident and motivated.


Our Lango Curriculum was designed through iterative collaboration between researchers in the field of Second Language Acquisition and our experienced teachers. We have carefully constructed a program that encompasses recent innovations in language teaching which place Comprehension and Communication at the forefront.  Our programs offer an affordable and engaging option that provides your students with the most vital components in language learning:  

          •Comprehensible Input
          •Creative Content
          •Communicative Opportunities 


Lango Language Co-Op

Lango Chicago is part of the Lango Language Cooperative, a coalition of small business owners throughout the United States who are passionate about providing students with affordable language programming. We work together to ensure our curriculum is constantly evolving and developing alongside advancements in research to meet our students’ needs. Lango Chicago was founded in May of 2010 with the idea that we could bring high quality, fun language classes to students around Chicago regardless of where they lived or went to school.



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Jul 09, 2018
Tots and Caregivers Class!!!

Hola amigos!

Our class is going every Wednesday from 9:30 to 10:15 am. at Third Coast Birth and Family Center! 2624 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago IL 60647

Bring your baby, infant or tot and have fun learning our Spanish class. See you soon !!

Click "Enroll" and register your child any time.

Nov 22, 2017
Returning on June 2nd!

Lango Chicago - Spanish classes at Daystar Center REGISTER NOW!!

                             1550 S.State St., Chicago

Thursdays!!  Early Elementary  9:30-10:15am.

                     PreK-2nd   10:30-11:15am.


PreK (3 to 6 year old)   Saturdays  10:30-11:15 am.      

Early Elementary           Saturdays  11:30am-12:15pm. 

                                        (7 to 10 years old)           

Sign up for a Demo class today!!       


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Spanish Classes at Daystar Center:

1550 South State Street, Chicago  60605

5480 South Kenwood Avenue
Chicago, IL 60615