Class Description

On-Site (School Based) Classes:

These classes are held at schools throughout Chicago. Your student must be enrolled at this school to attend the classes.

If you don't see your school listed but would like to get a program set up, contact for details. 

To inquire about pricing for  Little Inspirations and Resurrection Preschool, please contact Claudia at

Private Classes: 

If there are no community classes or on-site classes near you, Lango will bring a teacher to you. Check out our Private Classes tab for more info!




Lango Class Types: 


Children in this class don't sit still for long! Accompanied by parents or caregivers, these young "students" (ages 1 1/2 to 3 years) start learning a new language through a variety of activities designed to engage their minds and bodies. Students become great friends with Cosmo the Bulldog, participating in his crazy adventures right alongside him and his friends, the Lango Kids. Music and movement form the foundation for the classes, as the children sing simple, rhythmic songs and dance, run, spin and jump around the room! Meanwhile, our teachers work with the accompanying adults, teaching them age-appropriate games and activities so that they can reinforce learning at home. These "play classes" are great for parents and caregivers who want to learn a new language alongside their children!



Fun and play form the foundation for our preschoolers foreign language classes. Within two or three classes, kids ages 3-5 learn key phrases in their new language through simple, repeated songs and chants. Meanwhile, they become familiar with more complex aspects of the language by engaging in "adventures," tactile and movement-based games that require them to solve simple problems - in their new language, of course! These adventures, starring the Lango Kids, our multicultural cast of characters, take students to other lands and cultures to ensure that their language instruction is combined with cultural exposure. Preschooler foreign language classes are great for kids who are enrolled in preschool, but have not yet started kindergarten. Preschool classes are also available as an in-school option.  Contact us if you are interested in bringing Lango classes to your child's school. 



Our early elementary students learn their new languages through adventures, activities that require increasing levels of engagement and understanding over time, and that reward kids with a feeling of accomplishment. A simple literacy component ensures that these students not only listen, speak, sing and play in their new language, but read and write as well. Lango is proud to partner with dozens of elementary schools nationwide to provide convenient classes to their students. Elementary classes will be sub-divided by age/grade based upon students enrolled. Lango offers on-site after school classes. Please contact us to bring Lango classes to your childs afterschool program! 


Infant Music and Play Time (Spanish)

These classes are ideal for children between three and 23 months of age. During each session infants will have a chance to play with various tactile toys and objects and to hear songs in Spanish while playing and interacting with their mother or caregiver. These classes will provide infants with the chance to develop their motor skills while interacting with their environment and discovering the world around them—all while building the foundations of a future bilingual child. **Classes are primarily conducted in Spanish while providing survival English for parents and caregivers who need assistance in the language.


Tutoring/Private group classes

Looking for something more specific? Family style classes? a focus on literacy? summer intensive? Contact us to set up private tutoring in our center or at your home.  Our teachers will use the Lango resource library full of curricula, toys, books, games and more to support your specific learning goals.