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Flexibility. Continuity. Curriculum.

Lango Chicago is a language arts company and CPS vendor with experience managing Remote and In-Person language programs for students ages 4-13.  Our services are designed to adapt to the needs of our clients and their communities of students, parents, and teachers.


Fall 2020 Programs include remote curriculum packages with syncronous lessons, digital learning materials, and training for teachers and caregivers. Our Lango-certified staff of educators deliver immersive, interactive class lessons as well as bi-lingual tutoring in small groups.  Lango evaluation methods help caregivers and administrators track the language development of their students throughout the year.



The Lango method is a progressive educational model developed by an international team of educators and academics with the goal of using neuro-science based practices to enhance the cognitive abilities of students using language development.  We passionately believe in the vital power of language.  Language enables us to communicate about ourselves and makes it possible for us to understand and respect the diversity of life on our planet. We would be honored to share our love of language with your community.


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