Terms and Conditions/Photo Consent

I, as the parent or legal guardian of (hereinafter “My Child”), hereby grant my full consent and approval for My Child to attend and participate in foreign language classes operated by Lango of Chicago South Side Inc. (hereinafter “Classes”). Further, I execute this Waiver of Liability and Indemnification in favor of Lango of Chicago South Side Inc., an Illinois corporation, its directors, officers, employees, independent contractors, agents and volunteers (hereinafter collectively “Lango”).I hereby acknowledge that there are risks associated with My Child’s attendance of and participation in Classes. In consideration for My Child’s privilege to attend and participate in Classes, I hereby agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Lango from and against any and all losses, injuries, illnesses, death, damages, liability, claims, lawsuits, and expenses (including attorney’s fees) resulting from any accident, incident or occurrence arising out of or in connection with the offering of Classes, to the extent permitted by Illinois law. I further agree that I will not make any claim or institute any legal proceeding against Lango on my own behalf.As a condition of My Child’s attendance of and participation in Classes, I hereby authorize Lango, in the event of an emergency or other medical urgency, to secure such medical attention as Lango reasonably deems necessary for My Child (“Treatment”) and to execute any required consent forms as necessary for the administration of medical care to My Child. I further understand and agree that I will remain responsible for any and all costs incurred during such Treatment, regardless of whether the costs are covered by insurance.I hereby acknowledge that I have the authority to execute this Parental Consent, Waiver of Liability and Indemnification Form for and on behalf of My Child as his/her parent or guardian.By signing this form, I acknowledge that I have read and understand it. Further, I acknowledge that I may be giving up important legal rights and remedies that would otherwise be available to me and My Child. 

Photo Consent:  Lango of Chicago South Side, Inc. (“Lango Chicago”) occasionally uses photographs and video, including sound, for publicity purposes. We would like your permission to photograph or record video of your child for possible inclusion on our website, Facebook page, emails to parents of enrolled students, and other publicity materials. The image(s) and video(s) will remain the property of Lango Chicago, and its successors and assigns, and will be used for the designated purpose of promoting Lango Chicago’s mission to provide top quality foreign language classes for children in the Chicago community. With the intent of both marketing and parent communication, we request your permission for using, editing, distributing or copying photographs of or videos containing your child’s image. You may request electronic copies of any photographs or videos that include your child’s image at any time. You and your child’s name and contact details will remain strictly confidential. Denial of photo consent does NOT preclude participation in Lango classes.   Any family wishing to opt-out of the photo consent should do so in writing (email is okay).